I recently had a custom order to make 2 owls.  I honestly don't jump all over these since it can be a tedious process choosing fabrics with the customer if she doesn't know exactly what she wants.  BUT, this nice lady emailed her crib bedding & I decided it may be fun since the fabric combo wasn't the typical baby room.  Here is the result~

 The fabric on the wings is the main crib bedding fabric. (I wanted to link to it but I searched Amy Butler and I can't find it anymore.  Is it Heather Bailey instead?)  I honestly thought it was going to translate into one hideous owl but now that I have it done, it is one of my favorite owls of all time!    Could be that I have made like 50 of these babies in pink and lime green, but for some reason this combination speaks to me.  Orange, Brown, Olive, Turquoise, and yellow just happen to be just what i needed to get me feeling creative.

Here is the picture of both~

The turquoise one is good too, but the green is better.  Don't worry, more pink and green owls will be coming back in the future, but it was fun to be pushed out of my comfort zone this time.  Have any of you ever been "pushed" (believe me I happily accepted the order!) to make something you thought would be terrible and turned out being something you loved?     

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