I feel like I am spending all day every day at home with my kids.  That isn't really all that bad except 2 are sick and the other is bored and I am coming close to the end of my rope!  My pre schooler couldn't go to her valentine party today because of her fever.  I attempted to throw my own Valentine party with 3 grumpy kids in order to relieve the crying about missed school and to conquer some of my own frustration from being cooped up for what feels like weeks!  Pennsylvania winter is really kicking my behind this year y'all.  Well the party lasted like 20 minutes but at least we got this cute decoration out of it..

IMG_7888 IMG_7889 IMG_7891

I looked up Valentine games and there were some cute things out there.  One was called "hide the heart"  in which you cut out hearts and hide them around the classroom for kids to find.  I changed it up a bit so that my 3 kids would all enjoy it.  I cut out 30 hearts and wrote nice compliments on each heart.  Each kid hunted for 10 hearts.  Once all the hearts were gathered, we took turns reading each pile and made it so the compliments described each kid.  It was really very sweet.

IMG_7892 IMG_7893 IMG_7894

Then I sewed them together in a line which was inspired by Dottie Angel's tutorial.  Now each kid has their own sweet garland to look at when they need some compliments.  That was certainly the best part of an otherwise "going crazy at home all day again with sick kids and terrible weather" kind of day.

XXOO  to you and Happy Valentines Day!


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