My husband has been putting up a split rail fence on our property.  A friend gave it to me a bunch when she replaced her fencing for her horses.  I told her we were having problems with deer in the garden and she thought maybe it would help.  What a wonderful gift!  It is so nicely aged and beautiful.

We may still use some for the garden, but this section just divides the mowed area from the higher grass.  The kids are really into the fence building- especially climbing it and hanging all over it.  It has been lots of fun evening activity.  Travis is not at all as amazed about this as me since he grew up in the country (unlike this suburban girl) and spent many hours climbing and sitting on fences as a kid.  When I mentioned this to him he said, "That's a big reason I am putting it up!  To see them play on it."  I see now that we are raising country kids, hmmm?

Above they are playing "horsey".  And below, the cat is joining in…IMG_8845

This last picture is for my mom, Linda, who loves peonies.  This is one is my newest addition…

We didn't have peonies down in Atlanta growing up- the summers are too hot and long.  My parents usually come up to visit in May and Mom gets to enjoy the blooms.  This year she can't come so this picture is for you Mom!  They are beautiful as usual and I'll pick a bouquet for you!


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