My big girl is seven today.  Seven!  

She is smart and determined.  She is kind and concerned.  She is a big sister and a best friend.  She loves art, soccer, riding her bike and reading.

Your oldest child gets the best and worst of you.  Sometimes I push her to grow up and other times I baby her and don't realize how much she can handle.  This year together has been mostly up but a little down too.  There has been LOTS of laughter and a fair amount of tears too.  She takes on a lot for her seven years!

I want her to stay little but see her future bright and beautiful.  

I made this shirt for her yesterday.  It is a soft and lightweight cotton from the remnant section at JoAnns.  She really loves sleeveless tops but I want her to look seven and not fourteen so I often resist the tank tops at the store.  This is basically like a pillowcase dress but it is A-Line shaped.  I used a shirt we had that fit her nicely as a guide and traced the shape.   The front detail is just a piece of thrifted trim and a 5 little buttons sewed on.   I love how it turned out and she is pleased.  Hopefully she will wear it more than once!  I made the matching headband before she went to school this morning which was a little rushed but still turned out cute!

Happy Birthday big girl!

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