UPDATE!  The Lola Pattern now includes instructions to make this bag!  

My almost seven year old pays a lot of attention to what she is wearing and has very specific opinions about how clothes look.  I try to be supportive of her style in my own controlling sort of way.  When she needs new clothes, instead of taking her with me to the store, I shop for a whole bunch of things that I like and bring them home for her to choose what she likes out of MY choices and then I take back the rest.  This is questionable freedom but it is working for both of us right now!

I made this owl purse as a special order from my show a few weeks ago.  The adult wants it for herself but I like how it looks on a child too and with the strap across the body.  I wanted to get some pictures before it goes in the mail today.  Elsie was excited to model before school this morning.  She is also wearing my new scarf which she has claimed as her own.

My tulips are in bloom!  It was her idea to pose by the tulips.

 I made the purse the same way as I did the mini purses back in this post.  I made it a little shorter since it seemed really long when I had it done.  The strap is about 30" long.  I made it by sewing together 2 pieces of 2" x 30" long pieces of cotton.  I used all cotton fusible interfacing on the printed fabric that is on the outside of the strap.  It took me several tries to get this strap on in a good way.  In the end, the simplest way worked best!  I wanted to make sure I kept the shape of the owl, so I just folded the strap under and sewed it on.  Then when I did the final top stitch, I secured the strap again.

IMG_8735 IMG_8736

She wants a bag like this for herself now of course!  


 I am so happy spring is finally here!  All the april showers we have had here have made everything so green and beautiful.  Email me if you had additional questions about how to make Lola Owl Pattern into a purse & I will try to help out.  Now the pattern is updated to include the bag instructions!

Hope you all had a great weekend!


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