I first saw these type of hula hoops 2 1/2 years ago at the handmade arcade.  They were big sellers and by the time i could go get a break to go over and buy one, they were all gone!  Recently I saw this post by Erin about making one with her daughter.  Then I read this post and the girls and I watched the included video and knew it would be a perfect project with our cousins at the Lake while we were visiting.

Our version turned out to be even easier than the video!  I tried the local hardware store but they didn't have the right tubing or connectors.  Then I went to Home Depot and they had 10 foot half inch Poly Tube already cut!  Perfect.  I also bought connectors that were brass and fit right in- no need to soak the plastic in hot water to insert the connectors like she does in the video.  

We teamed up the kids (3 of my sisters and 3 of mine!) up in groups of 2 and let them wrap away with the electrical tape.  I also bought duck tape but that only worked in bans- not great for wrapping around.  The electrical tape was really nice and it comes in bright pretty colors!

IMG_9506 IMG_9509

All the kids could handle this project- from 3 to 11 years old and they all seemed to have fun.  There were a few tears about partners not sharing but no big deal. 

The girls added streamers for extra flair and then got to work…


It's so funny how all these pictures show their faces so full of concentration- no smiling when you are trying to beat your sisters at hula hooping!


What I really loved about this project/ craft is that it makes a much superior product than the ones you buy at the store.  They are a little heavier and sturdier and the kids (and grown ups!) could really use them. I would say with all the supplies, each decorated hoop cost about $6 to $7 which is pretty reasonable for such a nice handmade toy.  The tape is the most expensive part but we do have some left over so we hope to be making more hoops soon to have here at home!

Thank you so much to Elizabeth Mitchell for her beautiful video and this great project.   Her music is wonderful too!

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