I love personalized stationary for little girls.  I don't really like the price tag though since it often gets scribbled upon.  Then I get annoyed with my children and we all try hard to avoid the whole annoyed with our small children feeling, right?  I found a solution!

Enter the extreme cuteness of Olliegraphics.  I used them for elsie's 4th birthday party invitations several years ago and it was so durn cute.  They were on Etsy then and now have a simple and user friendly website of their own.  Even better!


You basically get to design a graphic that is specific to your child and then she sends you a group of PDFs that you print out on your own printer.  Instead of surprising them, the girls and I choose these outfits and accessories together- they are actually excited to send out their notes and thank you cards to people.   Well… better than usual that is!  This is the package I ordered and it is more than enough to keep us in personalized cuteness for a few years.  Just print out more cards and we are ready to go!IMG_9815
Last bit of exciting news is that Meg of Olliegraphics is actually thinking of coming out with a fabric line sometime soon!  Can you imagine how cute that would be?  Keep up the good work Meg!  I love a woman who is using her art in a smart, useful, modern way that makes our life easier (and cuter!).   

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