I am working on the update of the Lola Owl Pattern now.   She is such a popular pattern and it will be fun to add new pictures to this super simple and satisfying project.

Lola title
I created this title on PSE again!  I used the same techniques that i wrote about here but also took the time to take the owls out of their original pictures by using the magnetic lasso tool.  Sorry if that is too technical sounding but for those of you who have PSE, I hope you will understand!

One of the reasons I am working on this pattern again is due to the popularity of the special order owl bag I made back in April.

I get lots of requests for instruction to make this bag!  I guess it is popular on pinterest or something.  Although it seems simple to just make a lining and add a strap, I realize specific instructions would help to make it more accessible.  So… coming soon!  The Lola Owl Pattern remake with extra instructions to make a cute lola tote bag.

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