YaaHOoo!  I finally finished the update of the Lola Owl Pattern.  Email me for the coupon if you already purchased the original pattern and I will give you the coupon code for 75% off.  

I actually have had it done for several days but I wanted to finish up these bags to make a really cute photo shoot.  The girls left in a hurry this morning so I didn't get them in my photos!!   I finally settled on this old shutter as a nice back drop…

These bags are fast!  In fact, faster than the pillow since you don't have to stuff with the batting or blind stitch the opening closed.

I admit that I love them.  They are fun to make and are such a nice size for a child.  The girls both went for this one below.  Yikes!  It is SO bright but fun too.   

But this one is my favorite with the Amy Butler and the Osnaburg.  I am pretty sure I got this combo from Amy's shop a while back.IMG_0416

I wish Anne was still in preschool since it would have been perfect to carry her little preschool folder!  


The strap is 30" and fits well over the shoulder of an adult or across the body of a child.  A D-ring would work great too so that the person wearing it could adjust the strap to fit them perfectly.  

Well there you go!  FINALLY.  after many requests!  The bag version is now part of the pattern.  Whew!  I have also changed my policy about selling the owls to allowing sales of finished products at crafts shows and church sales but not online.  I use photos of the owls to promote my shop and for branding so online sales would conflict with my efforts.   

Thank you so much for all the interest in making the pattern into a bag.  I hope to see lots of owl bags out there soon!

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