My mom and dad came to visit a couple weeks ago.  Mom always brings gifts!  One ofthem was this new product called the Candy Cottage.  It's pretty durn awesome.  The cottage is made of hard plastic and you just apply the store bought icing and go to town.  They have all sorts of themes to guide you.  Mom, the kids and I worked on this for about an hour.  So fun and sturdy!  After halloween I am just going to wash it off and then in December do a Christmas one!  

Halloween candy cottage 2
It's so tacky that I LOVE it!  This morning some other creatures noticed the spooky candy cottage…

oh no!  here they come!


Halloween candy cottage
Happy Halloween!  

Class parties and costumes are done!  Now we just have to carve pumpkins(husband does this and then makes super salty and greasy toasted pumpkin seeds) and go trick or treating.  

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