Making Halloween costumes is a bit of a struggle for me.  On one hand, it's a hassle when you have lots of other things to make.  But, the cheap looks of the store bought costumes that are in my price range are terrible!  This year, my oldest wanted to be a Pumpkin princes.  Princess, you say?  In orange?  That I can actaully get a little interested in making!

I began with a knit orange top (thrift store) and some pretty orange shiny fabric.  The serger rocks for costume making!

After we accessorized the pretty pleating got hidden but the end result is really pretty and she is happy.

Pumpkin princess
We did a little staged spider scare.  We made these spider crafts the other day using the idea from V & Co.  Very fun and fast craft with kids and then they play with the spiders for a couple minutes at least!

Pumpkin princess 2
and then she and the spider make peace…

Pumpkin princess 3
I am pretty happy with this costume.  She feels pretty and excited.  It wasn't too time consuming (the leaf neck ring and the head band were from dress up and the green tulle was a recent party favor!), and she will be plenty warm since it's already freezing up here!


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