Anne chose to be a kitty Cat princess for Halloween.  Suuuu weeet!  Dress up bin accesories, thrifted pink taffeta gown (which was so pretty and well made!!) and I made a cute fleece kitty hat.

Kitty princess 2
This hat was so simple.  I am planning to make a couple more for my baby nieces as christmas presents.  It is basically a rectangle of fleece with the sides sewn together and then the ears are made by sewing the curve of the head.  I also put a dart in the middle to make it more head shaped.

Kitty princess
I am hoping to get a quick tutorial made for this after I am finished with my shows!  Who is intersted in making more kitty hats with me???

This coming weekend I will be in Atlanta for Marist Holiday Traditions.  Marist was my High School and they do a really lovely show every november.  I get to visit my parents and sister while doing my show!!  Please come and see me if you live in the Atlanta area!  

Next weekend, Novemeber 12th, I will back in Pittsburgh and doing the handmade arcade again.  LOVE the Handmade arcade.  It is so cool and I feel so fortunate to be involved again.  It will be their biggest and best show yet so be sure to come if you live close by!

Whoo Hoo!!  Novemeber here we come.  Everybody ready to sew up some cute stuff for the Holidays?? 

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