True to my plan from last week, I did a little more crafting with Cal today.  I have discovered that boy crafting is much less complicated than girl crafting- at least in my house!  Cal wants to keep it simple and I am liking that.  A LOT.

We decided to do more with his popsicle sticks.  Anne was using this book last night so it was out on the table.  I bought is awhile back on a whim since I always loved these types of books as a kid.  Remember them?  They give you step by step instructions to make all these funny faces.

As an adult I look at this book and see the genius of Ed Emberley.  It is awesome.  

Cal chose his favorite faces and I drew them (it was so fun!) and he cut them out and glued them to popsicle sticks.  Then we made a theater out of a box (the box is about 12" x 18") and made curtains in fabric that he chose- "BOY fabric only mommy."  I used a long knitting needle as my curtain rod.

No decorating the theater with glitter, no elaborate dresses to go with the faces, and no complicated story lines for the performance.  This is boy crafting at it's best, friends.   Here is his play…



Fox, crocodile and robber are the bad guys.  Foorball man, band leader, cowboy, alien and policeman are the good guys.  At the beginning, Cal is saying "Hey!  We're gonna rob a bank!"  Then "Not so fast little robbers!"  Nice bed head on my boy, huh?  

I liked hearing your craft ideas last week!  Working my way toward something valentine 🙂  What's your favorite valentine project?

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