Today my Anne turned 6.  

I am so happy for her.  She had a great day.  Most of it spent away from Mommy at school.  I am keeping my chin up about this whole growing older thing.  I still have plenty of time, right??  I can't think about it too much.  I have to keep telling my self "the present is my present."

She still likes my birthday shirts!  That's good.  She is the best- bright and fun and caring.  We had a penguin party and lots more pictures to come but here is a sneak peek…

Here is one more when I asked her to pose before the party began.  She is saying "MOM!  enough of the pictures!  When are my cousins coming!  I am SIX!"  IMG_1160

My SIL Jenny was there with her awesome camera and great talent so I know I will be sharing more of this day soon.  There were penguins games and a penguin cake. All was happy for the middle child.  Basking in all her penguin glory.  Happy Birthday Anne!  

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