Today we have real snowflakes outside.  Not the fun kind you can play in though- the kind that whip around and burn your face.  Not enough to sled, but still covering the ground and making our house feel cozy.  One of the things I want to do this year is create more with my kids.  Cal in particular since he is my last one home- but the girls too at least once a week after school.  IMG_1197

Nothing huge or complicated.  Nothing junky and trashy.  Pinterest is helping me a lot here!  It's a challenge for me to find kid projects that are worth the mess.  Here is the one Cal and I did today to honor the snow that has finally come!  I saw the project here.  It's on my For the Kids Pinterest board.

 We only had this bronze glitter but I like it.  What about you?  Are planning to create more with your kids?  I admit that I feel nervous since many projects have ended in frustration.  Working with one is much easier!  Do you have some suggestions for me?  

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