Floor Pillow for the Reading Nook

Posted by on March 20, 2012 in fabric, sewing | 11 comments

The girls have a reading corner of their room.  My husband built them shelves and the light is wonderful.  The only problem was you had to sit on the floor to read!  There isn't room for a chair.  

Problem finally solved when I bought some new walk in the woods fabric from Amy's shop.  The prefect fabric for a floor pillow in the reading corner!

I have loved seeing the granny squares pattern floating around on Pinterest.  Especially the adorable and sweet ones by Jesse!  The original post about them can be found here.  I increased the block size to 5.5" to fill the 24" pillow.  

On the back I used a super soft high thread count cotton and again used Erin's method to put in the zipper.  I love that method!  Such a nice and professional touch.  The heart shape with the tag is my only delima.For now it is blank since I couldn't think what to put on there.  Do I embroider "love mom?"  Or elsie suggested I say "reading is fun!"  Or my name and the date?  Not sure for now.  Any suggestions would be welcome!


I actually bought 3 of these 24" pillow forms since they were on sale for only $9!!  So more to come eventually.  Hope you all are enjoying a lovely first day of spring.


  1. Love the fabrics. She looks so content reading there. The pillows are a great way to entice them to get comfortable and read!

  2. How about “imagine”?

  3. My daughter is reading that Sugar Plum Ballerinas book right now! She got a kick out of seeing your daughter reading it.

  4. Perfect for enjoying a good book

  5. It turned out so very cute! I really love the heart and the label! Definetly put the date on there.

  6. It’s absolutely adorable!! I just stashed some A Walk in the Woods! This might be the most perfect use for it I’ve seen! 🙂

  7. What a darling pillow – love the fabrics. I would definitely put your name and date on the label – this is something your children will treasure years down the road!

  8. I think you should write “You’d better get an 800 on your verbal SAT’s, mmmmKAY?”

  9. Meghan is right on….

  10. Love the pillow!

  11. What a darling blog you have, I came over here after a search for a dinner roll holder pattern and I’ve stayed to drink in all the pretty. Ah, I love your projects.

    I think Love, Mom would be adorable. You have no idea the impact you are making on your kids with your love in these projects. My Mom made so many things for me and I treasure them, even if I don’t have them – the memories are all there.

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