While on our beach vaction last week, the zipper on Elsie's duffel bag broke.  I knew it was only a matter time since it was a cheapy zipper.  The bag was one of my trials from when I created the pattern and instead of trying to replace the zipper, I thought it would be more fun to create a new bag!


I used my bag of yellow scraps and cut all pieces (that were big enough) to a 6" width.  This meant that the piece were all different heights but all were the same width.  This made for a more random and casual patchwork but made putting them together easier than having all completely different sizes.

Elsie and I both like how it turned out.  Yellow is a new favorite!  Happily, the chosen 6" width worked great for the side panels and the zipper section.  I made my own piping (more about that in the piped pot holders tutorial) and matched the handles with the same solid yellow.

The only troubles I had with this bag was my choice to use duck cloth for the lining.  I am having a love affair with duck cloth but this time I may have gone too far!  It was too thick at the zipper section and gave me fits.  If I were to do it again, I may do duck cloth for the nice shape it gives the bag but do the zipper section lining in a cotton.  

I did add a layer of cotton fusible interfacing to the main panels behind the patchwork.  I think it gave me a boost of confidence but wasn't really neccesary- i just felt like the patchowrk might be sturdier with it back there holding things together.

We are going to the beach again this coming week and then to my parents in Atlanta for the 4th of July.  I have to fit in all this travel before the new addition (a girl!!! due in Novemember) comes and makes getting around a challenge again.  I will probably be sticking close to home for the next couple of years!

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