School has already begun and the routine is in full swing.  Since our school provides almost all of our school supplies, the only thing I can really contribute to the girls' supplies is a cute pencil case.  I made up these simple cases.  I found a very similiar tutorial to how I made mine here.  There are lots of pencil case tutorials out there since they are fun and easy to make and the kids (and grown ups!) love them.  

The girls are really into cursive so I did a simple running stitch embroidery of their names on each case.

Since they have a gusset bottom (mine is smaller than the tutorial I referred to above) they stand up nicely when loaded with their pencils.


I took pictures to make a tutorial up for this pencil case but there are so many nice tutorials for pencil cases out there, I decided to link up to some of my favorites instead.  Just click on the picture to take you to the tutorial if you are interested in trying one of these cuties!  


Boxy pencil case




Hope you liked this little pencil case celebration.  My girls were pretty crazy about their cases!  Are you making any back to school gifts for your kids or grandkids?  

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