Last night I realized today would be the last day of my favorite month of the year.  May is fantastic in Western Pennsylvania.  Just beautiful!  I am feeling a little let down since I haven't been able to sew much lately but May is a hard month to stay inside and sew!  Here is has been happening this month…



Hopefully you can see that I made some changes to the website.  My awesome helper, Christian was in town and he helped me work some things out I have been wanting to do for a long time.  I do the designing and he makes it work!  Also, thank you to Vanessa for giving me some great tips to clean things up the looks of things here on the blog.  Good friends can give you a much needed fresh eye sometimes!

I joined a program in which I can choose my own sponsors for the blog.  Scroll down on the right to see them.  I love the program since I can choose who I want to have advertised and it can be part of my blog theme.  You have to be approved but it's a short process and I am looking forward to seeing how it's going to turn out!  There are tons of businesses to choose from.  Email me if you want more info on my experience so far!  

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I wasted a bunch of energy on creating this silly turtle which I have now abandoned for other ideas temporarily.  Sometimes you just have to take a break when you can't get things quite right and you start to get too complicated your own good.  This turtle took up a week and I have only this oddly shaped thing to show for it!  If I pick it up again in a month or so I bet I'll figure out a way to make something better…

I have spending LOTS of time at my kids sports this month.  It's cute though and they like it.  I bring my chair and a blanket for the baby to play on and we watch all the fun of little kids playing soccer and baseball.  Not a bad way to spend your evenings and Saturdays!

I have other projects happening which I hope to share soon but this little gal is taking up A LOT of my time!  I refuse to complain though since she is one good baby and now that I am older and I know for sure this is my last one, I am really enjoying all her cuteness…



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