Holiday Gifts Series: Messy Jesse sews a Bunny!

Posted by on November 4, 2013 in gift, give away, patterns | 2 comments

Gingercake Gifts Series
Have you ever visited Messy Jesse?  I love her blog so much.  Her quilts are bright and sweet and simply beautiful.  She also has a fantastic fabric shop called QuiltandSew which has lots of unique and high quality fabrics.  Go check it out!

For the gifts series, Jessie sewed up a modern Folksy Bunny.  Here is a sneak peak!  


So great!  Do you see that adorable bunny fabric?  Guess what?  That fabric is in Jessie's fabric shop and she is offering a coupon along with the giveaway of my Bunny Pattern.  All this is happening this week over at MessyJesse!


  1. I am loving your holiday series!

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