Novemeber was a fantastic month for Gingercake (aka moi).  I can't tell you how much I loved seeing all the beautiful things my sewing friends made with Gingercake patterns.  It was wonderful.  I realized that here on the blog I never shared our last (but certainly not least!) Gift series sewer.  Jessica from A Little Gray made an On the Go Organizer!


Her fabric combinations are the coolest, huh?  

Thank you so much to all the sewers in the holiday gift series!  

I did sew all the month of November for my show I do here in Pittsburgh called the Handmade Arcade.  I love doing this show so much!  It is edgy and hip and not your mama's typical craft show.  You can guess that all my pink stuff is pretty tame in comparison to lots of the other vendors!  I am honored they keep letting me participate every year.  Here are some photos of my 2013 booth~








Bargain bin

Some new characters!  Did you notice?  More to come about the fox, owls, backpacks, patchwork bibs, and house pillows in the near future.  

This last photo of the bargain bin was the biggest surprise for me at for this show.  People LOVED the bargain bin.  I explained that these were gently used, trial sewing and things with spots.  People bought all but 1 thing in there!  I couldn't believe they wanted that old stuff!  I was happy to see it go (and maybe you will recognize things from old posts in there!) since I didn't want it anymore but didn't want to give it goodwill.  It cracked me up to see all those bargain shoppers!  I loved watching them all go to good homes where they would be appreciated again.

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  1. Sandra :) Reply

    Everybody loves a bargain – I head right for the remnant bin when I hit a fabric store – I’ve been known to knock someone out of my way if I notice that someone else found a print “I” want ;) Just kidding – I have my sewy friend distract them, then I snatch it out of their hands :D

    MAX IS A FOX! OMG that’s such a cool “hack” on the pattern! I’ll be watching for updates on the foxy Max and of course my favourite, the curved Lola bag ;) BTW – your projects and display all look fabulous and fun – I hope you had great sales!

  2. mary Reply

    Your stall looks superb, well done, that was a whole lot of sewing you had to do in preparation – I bet you’re ready for a rest!

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