Today is the second version of the my new sewing pattern- the Day Off Backpack!  It will go for sale on Monday, July 13th.  YAY! (pattern now avialble!  You can purchase here).kidsbackpack2I like the idea of having options for a pattern- being able to use the same basic principles, but then having extra feautures to change things up. I feel like clothing patterns do this all the time- but not so much bag and accessory patterns, right?  I feel like it opens your mind to how much you can create when sewing- like taking basic concepts and expanding them to make just what you want.  So cool.  That must be how sewing has kept me hooked all these years!

kidsbackpack3kidsbackpack4This kids version of the Day Off Back Pack is smaller (of course!) and has a boxy bottom.  It also has a larger flap and button closure.  The last different feature are the snappy sides that give a quick closure and shape but can also be left un snapped for extra STUFF.kidspackpack1The first time I gave this to my 2 year old to wear (these photos are on my 9 year old because she is A LOT easier to photo!) she stuffed it so full that we let the snaps out.  Then she kept it on ALL day and had a fit when I made her take it off for nap time.  IMG_6672Tomorrow is the final version of the Day Off Backpack!  Here is a hint- MASH UP!  That’s right.  A combo of the two to make a super cute 3rd version!



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