Week 5 of the Gingercake Gifts Holiday Sewing Series Giveaway!

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The is the last week of the sewing series and I have another fantastic giveaway for you.  Drum roll…


First we have we a really cool set of sewing tools from Dritz!  These tools were chosen by the folks over at dritz as the best and newest must haves for us sewers!  I would really like to try these out!  Click on the titles below to learn more about each one.  Thanks so much Dritz!

202 LED Needle Threader

803 Needle Storage Tube

204-M Soft Comfort Thimble

843 Flexible Yard Stick

667 Tailor’s Marking Set

135-40 Easy Grasp Pins

735 Wrist Pin Cushion

Next we have a pattern giveaway from the very talented Suz of sewpony vintage!  Suz has a gorgeous sewing blog (sewpony) and a loyal following (for good reason!).  Her etsy shop, sewpony vintage has several gorgeous patterns for girls including the popular tic tac toe dress and the fabulous cosi swimsuit!  Thank you Suz!

il_570xn-1074534756_l0nxAnd last but never least, Chio from Llama Fabrics is offering an FQ bundle of Maureen Cracknell’s new Art Gallery Fabrics line, Garden Dreamer!  Every single one of these designs is GORGEOUS!  Thank you so much to Llama fabrics!  I am a really big fan of llama fabrics- gorgeous selection, very fast shipping, reasonable prices, and Chio is super helpful.


Phew!  Can you tell I am excited about this giveaway?  You can enter below through rafflecopter.  It is easy and fast!

The blog comment entry is for this question:  What is the best handmade gift you have ever received?  Or wish someone would give to you?

Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I treasure all our handmade ornaments that we’ve made and that have been made for us. It’s so much fun to unwrap them every year and remember all the wonderful memories that they bring. Happy Holidays, grinnie1961 at gmail dot com

  2. WOW! what a great giveaway. So many good items I can definitely use in my sewing adventures.

  3. The handmade gift I treasure the most was made by my husband shortly after we were married. I was having problems with my neck and back when sewing so he made me a stand that tilted my sewing machine so that I could sit up straight when I sewed.

  4. I treasure each and every gift someone has made me. The love and effort put into each project leaves me feeling loved and supported.

  5. I would love someone to make me some zippy pouches for all my craft stuff!! That way I could find my things….LOL

  6. I wish someone would make me a Horse Stuffies! :-) Thank You and Happy Holidays!

  7. When my daughter was in grade school, one of her teachers had her students put their hand prints on home made wooden napkin holders that were then laquered . It still is my favorite and used everyday, plus still looks brand new! Thank you for the opportunity to win these spectacular prizes! Have a fantastic creative day!

  8. Favorite would be a Christmas tree skirt that my grandmother made. It was actually re-gifted from the original recipient! It has appliqued bears, etc.

  9. It was a bag from my Mom. It had a round bottom and was like a bag in the bag. Very roomy and very practical! I just used it until it “died” totally, lol!

  10. My grandmother made me party dresses and a poodle skirt. I will never forget them!

  11. Your Holiday gifts have been wonderful!

  12. I love handmade toys/stuffed animals for kids the most. It’s also what I love to make the most. I don’t need anyone to make me anything. I’d just like to have more time to make things myself!

  13. I have a set of baby dresses that my Great Aunt Nanny crocheted for me when I was born. They will be 60 years old in the next few weeks and they are still beautiful! Since I am also a crocheter, and I know the time and effort that went into making both. They are so very special to me. I also have a toy dish cupboard that my Grand Father made for me. Hum,, a pattern is forming here. Those home made gifts that were made with love mean more that all the store bought stuff put together. Bless those you love with a gift made from your heart. HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL!

  14. The best handmade gift i ever received was from my two older brothers when i was about eight years old. They were four and five years older than me and took the time to build me a doll bed to display my dolls on. My mother made the bedding and they gave it to me Christmas morning. It was the most exciting and thoughtful present I have ever received.

  15. I would love to win this pkg, that dress would sure look cute on my granddaughter!

  16. I wish someone would make me a pincushion. Sure I can make one, but I love all the cleverness of others!

  17. Looking forward to it!

  18. I would love a makers tote (pattern by noodle head )

  19. I treasure all the presents my kids make for me. I also treasure all the Christmas pajamas my mom made for me throughout the years!

  20. On of my favorite gifts someone made me was a scarf my mother in law made me .
    I love the colors, very neutral so I can wear it with a lot of things, and it’s really soft. Not too long or bulky. I love handmade gifts that are very practical , and made using a skill I’m not good at.

  21. I treasure every homemade gift I have ever received. They are so special to me. Happy holidays.

  22. I’m busy making the stuffed kitties for a craft sale in Jan. Our 3 y.o. granddaughter was my tester. She loves it and it is holding up to her play too!! Win-Win.

  23. I wish my hubby would make me shelves in the kitchen. Does that count as a handmade gift? :) We tore down the cabinets a few months ago and I really want open shelves in our tiny kitchen and a place to put everything that we took out of those cupboards!!!

  24. Anything handmade is a treasure because someone invested themselves in it! I have precious things made by my mother that I will always hold dear as well as a couple of quilts made by friends that I feel the same about. My husband and I both like to make things for friends and family for Christmas. Thanks for this terrific giveaway! I have been drooling over Garden Dreamer since it came out!

  25. My daughter makes me would signs with her cricut machine and vinyl, and I love them, Hubby made me a quilt ladder and we loved it so much, he made one for each of our children.

  26. I like the pillows best, pillow covers, and of course the quilts! Home made Christmas ornaments are great to receive also.

  27. My sister is crazy talented and always makes the best gifts for me and my kids!

  28. The best gift I ever received was a homemade breadbox my 10 year old son made for me while he was in cub scouts. I love your patterns and thank you for the chance at the give away.

  29. My favorite handmade gifts I have received are blankets my grandmother crochet and sweaters my mom knitted.

  30. I treasure most the many items my mother made for me.

  31. I treasure wind chimes my son made for me when he was in 2nd grade.

  32. When my children were born a friend made each of them a baby quilt, of all the baby gifts we received these are the only ones I still have many years later. x

  33. Awesome giveaway! I have a quilt my grandma made me when I was younger. I treasure it!


  34. I love any gift that is made specially for Me…& Treasure each one! :) My Daughters & BBF usually make some surprise every Christmas! (I do the same for them too..)

    Thank you for chance to win your Give-a-way!!


  35. I love all my Gingercake patterns.

  36. Thanks for this wonderful giveaway! Happy Holiday!

  37. I was given a quilt for my wedding

  38. I treasure a handmade Hawaiian quilt made by my Auntie Hattie. It is literally my most prized possession. My Auntie Hattie passed away when I was in high school and having the quilt she made as a young woman is priceless to me. One of my goals is to learn to quilt the Hawaiian patterns :)

  39. My mom made us a family quilt, with an embroidered square for each of us. It is truly a treasure that I will love forever, and I’m sure one of my children will when I am gone.

  40. my fav handmade gift I’ve been given is this lap quilt friends made – they each did 2 squares and then quilted them togeher – thinking about things and colours I like. I just love it.

  41. My wall of mini quilts has to be the best gifts I’ve received.

  42. When I was about 11 years old my aunt made for me a matching accessories set of padded hangers, lingerie bag, and tissue holder. We were farm people and didn’t have much but this lovely floral set made me feel like a princess. That was way (way) over 45 years ago and I still have all the pieces!

  43. I have a vintage quilt that my grandmother made that was gifted to me. I want to make the quilt in today’s fabrics but can’t find the pattern anywhere. I guess I may have to make it up, which is probably what she did!

  44. I will love to. Sew the Lucky the Elephant

  45. For my 8th grade graduation, my grandma gave me a handmade quilt. It had embroidery blocks and was pink themed. That was a gift I’ve always utilized. Pink goes with everything, right?

  46. I have a polka dot jean jacket style that was made for me when I was 18 and I am now 65. Love it!

  47. The most awesome handmade gift ive ever tecieved was a hutch. Yup i saw one i loved in the country living magazine and my husband had a very cleaver man make me the same one.

  48. I love the handmade gifts the kids bring home from school. I don’t have many crafty friends and family members so those are the only handmades I get.

  49. I would love to have someone make me a stocking for Christmas.

  50. I love handmade gifts of all kinds. I think my favorite hand-made gifts are those that my kids make for me.

  51. I have wonderful quilts from my sisters in law for each of my babies that I treasure and that have inspired me to learn how to quilt myself.

  52. My father made me a Santa bank out of wood when I was 10 years old. He passed away the following year from cancer, to be with our Lord. Every year I put Santa & a picture of my father on the mantel, so all his grandchildren can see what a great wood worker he was & listen to the stories I tell them of a kind and wonderful father I had.

  53. My favourite handmade gift is a wonderful Hexie pincushion in very vintage purple material made by a dear friend 30 odd years ago. I still use it and love the look of it.

  54. I treasure the gifts my son made when he was young, and a baby quilt my MIL made when my son was born.

  55. My mom made us a quilt years ago, but when our house became contaminated by a pesticide, we had to get rid of everything. I’d love to have a handmade quilt like mama made!

  56. I’d love to win this! Thanks for the chance!

  57. My best ever was a quillow!

  58. I treasure the ones that relatives and dear friends have handmade just for me.

  59. My best 3 handmade gifts were exact;y the same… One from each of my children… Their hand print in clay, each the same yet entirely individual… My youngest son passed away almost 2 yrs ago, I treasure that one the most:)

  60. My most prized handmade gifts are the quilts and clothes my mom has made for my girls and me. They’ll be treasured forever.

  61. I treasure the handmade things my grandpa makes. He loves to work with and make sculptures out of wood.

  62. The best gift a quilting friend gave me was a scrappy quilt–I love scrappy!

  63. my grandmother loved to crochet and she made all her grandchildren a large doily. I love it and I have used it (I did not shove it in a drawer to protect it) since the day she gave it to me. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  64. My dear grandmother made me quite a few things in the past. My most treasured item is Wedding Ring Quilt, made from scraps of my maternity dresses and my children’s clothes. I always saved my scraps and sent to her for her quilting, never dreaming she would make me such a keepsake.

  65. LOVE it all! Here’s to hoping I win!!!

  66. What a great giveaway! The tools, patterns and fabric are awesome… Thanks for the chance to win!

  67. I treasure a ceramic fish spoon holder that my daughter made many years ago.

  68. I love the granny square afghan my mom made me many many years ago.

  69. Since my grandma is no longer here, I treasure all the things she sewed or crocheted for me.

  70. My daughter is an awesome painter. I’d love if she painted a picture of my dog for our home!

  71. Wonderful giveaway!!

    • I would love it if somebody gave me a pair of warm hand knitted socks!

  72. My sister and I spent our Christmas vacation making felt ornaments one year. She died 16 years ago. They are priceless!

  73. I treasure anything handmade! I’m hoping that one of my sewing friends makes me a zipper pouch for Christmas. Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  74. My daughter’s knitted a scarf for me for Christmas the year she learned to knit. I love it.

  75. I have a quilt my Mom gave me that I treasure.

  76. There are ornaments on my tree, an afghan crocheted for me and a special quilt my Grandmother made 100 years ago. Can’t beat that.

  77. I treasure all the clay projects made by my children. They hold pride of place on the mantle.

  78. The paper things my children & grands have made me over the years are still some of my favorite things. Thanks for the chance to win the giveaway.

  79. I am teaching my cousin to sew and craft, I am 67 and she is 63, We are both disabled and it sure would help to have some handy tools etc. for our projects.

  80. I recall à handmade wardrobe for my little doll! Loved it!

  81. My grandmother used to make my sister and I beautiful smocked dresses for the holidays.

  82. My whole family has always made gifts for each other, so picking a favorite is really hard. I think I most treasure the sweet Christmas card my grandson made us a couple of years ago at the age of 6. It still makes my heart glow!

  83. I’ve been fortunate enough to receive lots of handmade gifts, but the one i use almost daily is a brilliant tote bag made from fabric that looks like crochet granny squares. It’s fun and useful!

  84. Sadly I never get any handmade gifts (I’m usually the one giving them) I love any gifts I receive, but if I could choose a handmade gift, it would be a big snugly quilt!

  85. I treasure our personalized stockings. I made them a few years ago, and filling stockings has always been one of my favorite things to do at Christmas time!

  86. The best homemade gift that I ever received was a wooden quilt thread holder that was given to me by a dear friend. Tho we no longer see each other on a regular basis, every time I use it I think of her. dhardenburg (at) prodigy (dot) net .

  87. My favorite (and my husband’s) handmade gifts are crocheted afghans my grandmother made us. She’s now deceased, so everytime we bundle up with the blankets, we think of her.

  88. I have a lovely memory of my grandmother teaching me to crochet, her love and patience was a gift I will treasure forever .

  89. Hi I love wearing cozy bed capes in the winter…just enough fabric to cover my shoulders but keeps me warm…and they make great new mother gifts…so nice to wear and keep a little covered when all those drop ins stop by to see the new little one…..

  90. Handmade treasures for me are the ones I make for my family with the crochet and sewing skills my mom taught me over 60 years ago. Plus, the items she made that inspire me daily. I’m teaching my granddaughters…at least the ones who can get off their phones for a awhile Thank you for your creativity in your blog and for making this giveaway possible.

  91. For over 50 years I have knitted a Christmas stocking for each new member of our family, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, son n laws, daughter n laws, grand children and great children. Each one made for their first Christmas. The oldest one made was for my brother when he was 3 years old and he still hangs it.

  92. My daughter is a graphic illustrator and she always makes the Christmas card she gives me each year. And she also draws me a picture that has special meaning or memories to us.

  93. i love anything handmade, but at Christmastime, i think ornaments are my favorite.

  94. There are several handmade presents that I treasure from my Dad, Husband and my children. The one that is most precious is the lap quilt my mom made for me before she passed away. It is well used and not put away in fear of using it!!

  95. I treasure and love the handmade gifts my children make me all the time! They are still young so I’m loving every bit of it!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway! Love everything Gingercake, ur awesome!

  96. I treasure all my things my grandmother made for me

  97. The best handmade gifts I received were the quilts that were completely hand done by my grandmother who I lost in 1986. Also, I graduated in 1976 & our class colors were red, white & blue and she crocheted me an afghan in those colors.

  98. My mother hand embroidered and her works were beautiful, she taught me the techniques, but she never knew sewing by hand or by machine, I taught myself, and now I am blessed that my cousin who is 4yrs. younger than me wishes for me to teach her, and so I am. It would be so wonderful to have enough tools at hand to show her how to use them and we might both be able to learn some new techniques along the way.

  99. Baby clothes – including bonnets and hats and muslins for my soon due bub :)

  100. I love all the gifts my daughters made for me when they were young!

  101. I treasure all the handmade blankets and quilts that my mom and grandma have made for us.

  102. I never fully appreciated when I was a kid how much effort it took my mom to sew Christmas pajamas for us 4 kids, but I sure do now! I love doing it for my own kids.

  103. The best handmade gift I received is a bookshelf my dh made for all things quilty.

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