Several people have told me that are a little wary of the eyelet feature of the Bucket Bag. One thing that is funny about sewists is that although they may have accomplished a very elaborate pieced quilt, they may not have done something simple like installed a zipper or tried out eyelets. I understand because I was in the same boat not too long ago. My friend Vanessa asked me to try out her London Backpack (a gorgeous pattern!) a few years ago and I made a drawstring casing instead of the eyelets that the pattern called for. The eyelets would have been so much faster and better looking!

So, I made a quick video to show you how to install eyelets on the new Bucket Bag pattern using both the tool (you can purchase for only a few dollars at walmart!) and how to use the dritz eyelet pliers ( about $15-$20).

Now you can use eyelets on all sorts of things- gift bags, backpacks, curtains, even clothing!

Be sure to purchase the NEW Bucket Bag PDF pattern while it is still on sale for just $5! The sale ends May 27th, 2019.

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