This is Kitteredge.  AKA Kit Kitteridge, American Girl Doll brought by Santa.  I think it's hillarious the nickname is Kitteredge.  This doll was the subject of much debate before Santa brought her on Christmas morning.  This is one expensive dolly for a 5 year old!  But I was worn down and I had just sold lots of owls at the handmade arcade so I gave in.  I know it's commercial and not handmade but I did like the whole historic story behind these dolls and I thought I could make some cute outfits.  Here is the first one and I like how it turned out.  I used some vintage fabric that I got from an estate sale (i think it's probably from the 30s or 40s).  We looked in the paperback book together to get an idea of what girls would have worn back during the Depression and considered this in the design of the dress.   I admit Elsie thinks I am nuts when I try to tell her what the great depression was (huh?  that sounds nice if daddy could stay home and not go to work!  We could just get food from the refrigerator!).   


 Since I am snowed in and can't work on my new house AGAIN!  I thought I could do a little give away for anyone else who might have a Kitteredge in thier life.  I am going to whip up another one of these dresses and I will give it away to a person who comments on the blog.  I am going to do some posts on flickr and try to get some people to link to me.  What fun!  A challenge to see if anyone is out there!  If no one comments in the next 2 days though my sweet niece is going to get this dress.  

Another thing here- if you want to swap for some of this darling vintage fabric, let me know and we can set something up.  

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