Forgive me.  We have been reading The night before Christmas over and over so I had to choose that title.

Last weekend we got the tree and it was decorated…

I am having a love affair with 70s and other vintage Christmas items that are bordering on tacky but I think are cool.  Sooo… above is my new tree skirt that I made in 5 minutes from a recent thrift store purchase.  Orange pompoms are adorable!  Below are a couple more of my border line decorations…

IMG_7131 IMG_7171
Do you love em or hate em??   Of course I love them so don't hurt my feelings too much by answering that question in the negative.  The white tree is really pretty at night and on dreary days (which we have had a lot of lately).  I found a few boxes of jewel colored vintage ornaments that go really well with the white.

Next is my kitchen decorating.  I always take my old fake garland and use it as support for real pine.  I ask the guy where we get our tree if I can have some of his cut off branches and he is happy to give them to me.  The girls are bringing home Christmas decorations and drawings already so I used clothespins to display them.  They feel really happy to have their work showcased and it's not hidden on the tree or cluttering the fridge.  I think I'll switch it out as more comes home.

Above is our nativity that I just love so much.  It is so simple and sweet.  Not thrifted!  It was made by a local man who does nice wood working.  Baby Jesus is currently missing but should appear as soon as I interrogate my children thoroughly.  He also did the village set under my tree.  Here is his info~

Screen shot 2010-12-12 at 12.58.23 PM

My friend Karen and I hung 200 feet of garland  and 16 bows for our gardening client on a cold and snowy day last weekend.  Some of these pictures turned out nice and festive and I thought I would share them here too…

IMG_7085 IMG_7086

IMG_7090 IMG_7092

Beautiful!  In other news, the cookie party was a success and a post about that is coming soon.  

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