I am so glad you all liked the transformation of the On the Go Organizer!  The winner is #4, A.J Dubb, who said

Screen shot 2011-02-21 at 3.26.36 PM

for the rest of you pattern lovers, if you would like to still get the pattern, you can buy it for instant down load over there on the right through my big cartel shop.  Type in COOLCUSTOMER in the coupon section and you can have 20% off! 

In other news, about a week ago these adorable mittens and hat arrived in the mail from my friend Kristi.  Cal was actually happy to model since he digs his new accessories.

She has an etsy shop called SweetKM.  If only I had a baby to put those little pixie hats on!  If only I could knit and then I would buy the pattern!   She has these mittens and hat in the shop too.

I contacted Kristi to see if she would trade with me.  She chose a crayon art folio I had in the shop for her daughter.  She knew she wanted one since I had given one to her son a few years back (nice memory i have since I have no recollection of that gift!).  Our husbands are good friends from college and Kristi and I are buds through a beach vacation, lots in common and the fact that she is a very talented architect who happened to design my dream house for me a few years back.  Someday I WILL build that house!  Who better to knit on the side than an architect?  She also has chickens and sells eggs at her local farmers market.  She is one cool chick herself.  

IMG_7981 IMG_7982
Cal was a good sport about showing off his new hat and mittens.  He wanted to make sure I got a good picture of him throwing this rock.  So, there you go buddy.  Nice arm.

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