My friend Karen (remember how I made her that scrappy pumpkin?) and I often go to the thrift store together.  Although I introduced Karen to the joy of thrifting,  I have to admit that her skills of finding treasures may be surpassing me!  Here is what she found for my girls recently…

 I had been telling her about the girls writing letters to my Mom asking for sticks of gum (thanks for sending all those sticks of gum Mom!)  Now the girls are thinking that they can write to other people and get gum.  Hmm.  I have warned that this may not work but they want to give it a shot anyway.  We figured these postcards will be the perfect way to start sending out their requests.

Anne recently got a picture in the mail from a friend and we decided to use the first new (to us!) postcards to write a thank you.  


I love these postcards so much!  I figured you may like them too so I scanned them for you to download!  I hope you feel inspired to spread some sweet springtime cheer with these too.  You never know- maybe you will start getting some sticks of gum in the mail too!  To get all 5 of the postcards, click on the link below…

Download Vintage Postcards

Here is what the first page looks like~

  Screen shot 2011-05-11 at 3.38.16 PM
I did not design these cards myself!  They have no company name and no artist signature.  If you know anything about them, I would love to contact someone and ask for the rights to share them.  For now, let's just enjoy how sweet they are, right?  They are for personal use only- especially since we don't know what artist designed all this cuteness!

They will print out best on white card stock- I used 110lb weight which worked out nice.  I am going to print some out to send in my draw string bags for the kids affected by the Tornado in Alabama.  Go check out Vanessa's blog to join in this nice and worthwhile way to help.

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