I love this time of year!  Not only are the flowers in bloom and the sun is shining but rummage sales, estate sales & flea markets are in full swing.  

This is my haul from the last few days.  I just got the owl today for $.25!!!!

I love him so much.  Rose brought more fabric over.  These are just a few.  They are just calling "make aprons!  Make pot holders!  Make cloth napkins"  and maybe even whispering "Make appliance covers!"  Ok- that last one may not be happening but I for some reason I am thinking about it!

These wrapping paper sheets are so cute that I am not sure if I can bear to wrap something and then watch the paper be torn up-  Maybe I could make cards with it instead?  Or just frame them on the wall of my sewing room?

The kids think I bought this lunch box for them but really I bought it for myself.  HAHA!  I am going to store zippers or thread or something in here.

I usually give the kids $1 each to shop.  They can get anything they want but it has to be SMALL.  This is how I get them to follow me around while I do all my looking.   Here is Cal's treasure- he wanted to make sure you all saw what he got too.

The only problem with having this kind of fun is that you start to accumulate A LOT of stuff.  My vintage sheets and pillowcases are piling high!  I am going to have to start listing in my gingercake shop again ASAP or I am going to be on the next episode of hoarders.  Maybe I should propose a new show called "craft supply hoarders?"  

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