Cal now goes to preschool on Tuesday and Thursday.  My husband drives him and I go pick him up.  He will usually also nap on the afternoon of one of these days.  With the girls in school all day, this new schedule means almost a WHOLE DAY (kinda) to work on my own projects!  Today I made this stack…

I have been collecting vintage sheets all spring and summer and not getting around to listing them in my vintage etsy shop.  I really want to redecorate the girls' room with vintage sheets- patchwork quilts and curtains.   This project is some months away but today was the day to wrangle all these sheets into usable pieces.

I followed the instructions here.  That girl can handle her sheets!  And look at the tutorials over there!   Any who, tearing up, cutting & folding these sheets took my whole day.  And now my arms are sore!  It was worth it to see these stacks though.

This is WAY more than I can use so I am planning on putting them in the vintage shop tomorrow.  I was hoping to get it all done today- rip em up and list em but all that cutting took up more time than I planned.  I think I will just mix them together to give sheet lovers a nice mix with maybe 10 to a bag? 

Now for the winner of Vanessa's convertible clutch pattern!  It is #4 

Screen shot 2011-09-29 at 4.47.56 PM
That is so funny Stephanie!  I love to wear stripy or argyle knee socks under my jeans too.  I like to see them peek out under there when I sit down.  Now that Stephanie and I have bonded over our sock love… check the shop tomorrow for a cute bundle of vintage sheet pieces.  I also have a tutorial in the works for all the long strips of hems that I tore off!


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