I keep looking at these bags on etsy.  Today I finally made my move to make my own version.  The weather was rainy this morning and now it is cool and crisp like fall outside.  I am not rushing into winter but seasons changing is nice in so many ways- bring out your sweaters and your boots and all that good stuff.

This large tweedy wool skirt that I bought last year seemed like the perfect candidate for a transformation.

I originally thought I would be able to take the skirt and tailor it to fit me but since it has been a year and no tailoring has been done (seriously, when would I wear a skirt like this?  To pick up my son at preschool?).  Well, today it became this…

Nice, huh?  I like how classic it is and the wool was wonderful and forgiving to work with.  I used the dimensions of Ikat's bag in her description and although I love that big flap she has, this design worked better with what I had.  I only wish I could take photos on the streets of Paris like she does!   Do you want to see a picture of me wearing it to pick up my 4 year old at preschool in the suburbs?  That could probably be arranged…

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