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I have to admit that I messed up that cute bag I made from a skirt a while ago.  I lined it with duck cloth but didn't have the lining go all the way to the top so when I added my magnetic snap (after the photo shot and blog post)  the whole thing bunched up and looked sloppy.  Yack!!!  I know I should have gone back and fixed it, but I decided to try something different instead.

The fabric is from another thrifted wool blend skirt.  I used Noodle Head's pattern 241 Tote.  I bought it back when she released it and now finally got around to making it!  I like to try patterns from other people.  It helps me to learn new techniques and I know I will get a finished product in a few hours.  The pattern is nice and easy and I love those side pockets!  She did a great job on the pattern.

The skirt was a-line and with a cute tie.  I couldn't resist adding that tie to my bag.   I like the extra interest it adds.  I also made the handle with 1" D rings so that it could be adjustable to be across the body.  Sometimes I like to wear my bag like that when I am with my kids at a museum or some kind of crowded place.  I should have measured!! It is too short to fit well across my body!  I still like the look and I made this a cute loop to hold the extra strap length down.

This dark purse using my recyled fabrics may be a creative reaction to all those bright new fabrics I used for my shows!   I really needed to work on something that was just for me and not think about if someone would want to buy it.

I am also working on a little bit of embroidery which I have been anxious to try for a long time.  I found this sweet template at (yes!  you guessed it!) the thrift store.

It's pretty big- like maybe 14" by 14".  I am thinking it will make a really pretty throw pillow.  I am going to have to really perfect the french knots that I have had trouble with in the past!   It's sweet to work on something a little bit at a time.  I usually like to get a project done as soon as I begin so this will be good for me to take my time for once!  

What are you working on for yourself?  

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