I am feeling the orange love today.  Outside our fall leaves are almost done since we have had some hard rains.  The rusty and bright oranges are left and making me happy.  It made me think of my previous fall projects and sewing with the color orange.  Here are some pics that may get you in the orange mood too…

Just click on the picture to go to the link!

Orange duffle
Orangey crayon holder
Gingercake Potholders & Mitt

After my last post you may be happy to know that I am doing some baby nesting too.  I did wash some onsies and sleepers.  I did recover the cushions on my baby glider (I forgot how comfy those are!).  I cleaned up the hand me down infant car seat my sis in law Jenny gave me, and now I am working on making some newborn gowns.  Hopefully I be back later this week to share those!

Hope you enjoyed the orange!

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