Although I think the full changing table is bit much, I did find myself using the changing pad with my other kids.  Of course, I got rid of it 4 and a half years ago when I thought I was done with all that little baby stuff.  So when I bought my boppy, I also bought a nice new changing pad.  I had a really nice cover for my old pad- a nice cover but a bad fit!  Washing it was a hassle since I really had to work to get it back on.  This time around I wanted something easier. 

Gingercake Changing Pad
I used this tutorial I found on Pinterest.  I used AMH Folksy Flannel.  This is such a soft and lovely flannel and I recommend it for sure.

Gingercake changing pad and hoops
 The table is my fabric cutting table that has open shelves underneath for storage.  I made curtain from a vintage sheet and used a $2 tension rod to hold it up under the cabinet.  My messy sewing stuff is still down there but now it is covered and pretty!  The hoops were also already there but I changed a few out to go more with my baby colors.  

The tutorial was well done.  I had to use elastic on the bottom corners to really give it a nice fit.

I also serged all exposed seams since I know I will be washing this cover every week or so.  The last thing I had to do was make button holes for the safety belt.  My other babies were not big time wigglers on the changing table but I figured better safe than sorry instead of taking the belt off.

The button holes actually made the fit even nicer so the effort was worth it.  

The other change on this table was doing a quick new skirt for this lampshade.  I followed my own tutorial!  It was fast and easy although I don't love the color of the lamp or the ribbon I chose for the top.  For now it goes with the room and looks like a baby, right?

Gingercake Baby Room Lamp
I like the fabric (vintage pillowcase of course!) but the color should be brighter and the ribbon on the top softer or something.  It will have to wait though since it's time to move on to new projects!

More baby projects tomorrow so be sure to visit again 🙂

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