When Elsie was born eight and a half years ago, my mom made me a beautiful crib skirt.  It was fully lined with a tiny print floral fabric that I chose.  At my old house, I decorated the entire nursery around this fabric- the wall color, the dresser color, the curtains.  I still love that skirt but this time around I am going for a more casual look. 

Gingercake Crib Skirt from striped sheet
Sorry for all the wrinkles.  My other 3 kids have discovered that below the crib is an awesome place to hang out, read and have secret clubs.  Since I am officially PAST my due date now, I will not be taking apart the crib to iron the skirt again!

Gingercake Chevron Crib Skirt
I created the chevron by cutting this sheet pictured below on the bias in 6" strips.  I had to figure out that one side had to be from one end of the sheet and the other from the other end of the sheet- like a make a parallelogram.  I only used 1/2 of a twin sheet but I felt like there was lots of waste!  I removed the solid piece and the trim from the sheet and basted them on to finish the look.  The skirt is lined like a curtain- meaning the lining is not as wide as the exterior piece so it folds nicely behind.

I bought the sheet at the thrift store for $2!

Gingercake Owl and Bird PIllow
I added some classic Gingercake pillows to the crib for photos!  These are actually the big girls' pillows and that ducky quilt was mine when I was a baby.  The bumper and gingham crib sheet are from my old crib bedding.  I switched out the ties on the bumper with ties made from scraps of the skirt- already cut on the bias!

So not super fancy but sweet and I have been wanting to make my own chevron for awhile!  Like these awesome ladies did here and here.  This was a challenge since the stripes are not uniform, but I like the effect and feel like it was worth all the brain exercise.

Alrighty kind readers and friends- send me your "go into labor" thoughts and prayers so we can meet this girl!  I would love not to be induced again (althought that is not really a big deal).  I do have some other things to share on the blog (like did you notice that pretty crocheted blanket on the crib in the first photo?) but they can wait until after she is born so help me get this baby going!!!



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