Another new thing I made for the handmade arcade was some small bunnies.  Perfect for a little extra gift for a baby shower or (of course) in the easter basket next spring.  To me bunnies are equally baby as much as they are easter so I figured a few for this December show wouldn't hurt!  Plus, they are super cute and I couldn't resist making a few of them.

Gingercake Small Bunnies

If you already own this quick and easy pattern, just print out your pattern pieces at 65% percent.  Also, you will need to adjust the "toe" to make it poke out about an inch less- without this change, it looks really sharp.  I did a simple tie instead of the bow like on the big version and I left the embroidered eye off.

Gingercake Price Tag
Also, these are the price tags I am using now.  They are nothing fancy but I figured if you are looking for tag ideas, this may work for you as well as it does for me.  I just used a paper punch from Michaels and with some trial and error, made a word (actually I used Pages on my mac) document on a standard sheet of paper.  You can fit about 24 logos per sheet of paper.  I just punched out the logo and then punched a small hole for the safety pin.  I put my prices on the back.  Simple, cute and cheap!

Come and see me tomorrow if you are in Pittsburgh!  I would love to meet you!


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