Something I have been thinking about lately is how to take better photographs of my sewn things.  Especially things that I made a pattern for since I want people to be able to envision making one for themselves.  The other day I sewed up a new Lucky Elephant pillow and experimented with “staging”.  Instead of just the plain background, I added some things to make him more stylish and also show his size.  I will show you the winner first~


Cute huh?  After using the books I thought of changing the spines to have the title and that is my favorite part!  Here is the other winner that isn’t the title but made the product page in my pattern shop~

LuckyElephant1I think this one above is really my favorite but but I needed something more square for the title to look good on the whole GIngercake pattern page.

I thought you might enjoy seeing the progression of “staging” pictures to get to these final ones.  Let me know what you think!  Did I choose the best?  Can you see the changes? This first one is really good too…

Lucky1Lucky2 Lucky3 Lucky4 Lucky5 Lucky6

They are all pretty good, right?  That was kind of like that game, What is different in these pictures?  I really fussed over this and for once, I think it was worth it.  Do you think it is worth a couple hours of precious nap time to take the perfect photo of something?  Not only the photo taking, but the editing, too.  Only time will tell if more people buy this classic Gingercake Sewing Pattern.  I know that I like looking at him on my website more now 🙂


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