Week 3 of the Holiday Gifts Sewing Series Giveaway

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holiday-gifts-6I hope you are enjoying the Holiday Gifts Sewing Series as much as me!  This week we have a fabulous and exciting giveaway that I am so excited to share with you.  You have heard of Stash Box Builder, right?  It is a monthly subscription service geared specifically toward quilters and sewers building their stash.  Stash building is a never ending adventure, and this is like giving yourself the perfect gift every month!

Ready to open up the November box that you have a chance to win????

image3The November box has three 1-yard pieces of Art Gallery “Blithe” collection, a spool of Aurifil thread, their signature pencil and a box exclusive quilt pattern!  This is the box that you will have a chance to win this week!  Isn’t it pretty?  I love the subdued but original pallet of these fabrics.


Not only does Stash Box Builder send you amazing and stylish monthly fabrics, with the left over fabric from their bolts, they create quilts for families and children in need.  We sewers know that handmade quilts are the coziest and most thoughtful of gifts and I just love that Stash Box Builder is doing this project as part of their business plan.


Thank you so much to Amanda from Stash Box Builder for working with me to host this weeks giveaway!  I know you will love it!  You can head over to their website and sign up for monthly subscriptions here.

Our bonus items are from the 2 bloggers sewing up Gingercake Patterns this week.  The Katy doll pattern is the newest pattern by the very talented Caroline of SewCanShe.  And, you will also get 2 patterns from the super stylish Vanessa of LBG studio.  More about those patterns and talented ladies later this week!


You can enter the giveaway here!  Good luck!

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  1. I like making things for my grandson! also friends and family!

  2. My kids and friends

  3. I enjoy making gifts for my hubby, my aunts, my close friends, and my quilting group ladies. I also enjoy stitching up gifts for people who have gone above and beyond in serving our family such as the medical workers at our doctor’s office, the clerks at our local pharmacy, etc. One of my greatest joys is making quilts, blankets, stuffed animals, and dolls for our local children’s shelter.

  4. I love making things for family and friends both! Every New Year 18 of our friends gather with my husband and I to celebrate the coming New Year and I make personal gifts for each friend. I’m always looking for new things to make.

  5. I love sewing handmade gifts for my kids.

  6. Awesome giveaway, thanks.

  7. I love to sew for my grandkids.

  8. thank you for the giveaway Your katy doll would make a great christmas gift!

  9. I don’t have anyone specific that I love to sew for…I just love sharing my handmade s with others!!!

  10. I like to sew for quilty friend because I know what they love. I also enjoy sewing for family, especially when I can create something I know is perfect for them.

  11. I love sewing for family as well as my kids’ teachers!

  12. I love making gifts for my kids!

  13. I love sewing for my children

  14. I mainly make gifts for my friends as they appreciate them a lot. x

  15. Such pretty colors.

  16. What a terrific box of goodies! I love Art Gallery and its drape is beautiful.

  17. I enjoy making gifts for my sister and my grandchildren.

  18. I’m a fairly new quilter and Stash Builder Box is my absolute favorite fabric subscription club! Amanda’s hard work is truly making a difference in many children’s lives. Katarina Roccella is one of my favorite designers and Blithe is simple amazing! You are so generous to give away a box, Virginia! I would love to do some selfish sewing and make a little something for myself.

  19. Wow! Love to make and this is so awesome!

  20. I love sewing things for my kids. They get so excited, even when it doesn’t come out exactly the way I’d been picturing, lol.

  21. I love to sew for my family, my friends, and my coworkers! I have been really interested in the Stash Builder Box. Thanks for the chance!

  22. I like making things for my kids. I’d like to make more things for my husband, but have a much harder time finding things that I can make that are his style!

  23. I make my handmade gifts for my granddaughter. I make her clothes, soft books, and stuffed animals.

  24. I love to make gifts for my family and friends

  25. I love to sew for my family and my friends! They seem to really appreciate it!

  26. I tend to sew fun little things for friends.

  27. My son and family!

  28. My son and family.

  29. I love to sew for anyone who appreciates what I’ve made…but especially for my daughters!

  30. Love all of these ideas. Thank you for sharing. My new nephew, Daniel and new niece, Charlotte will be getting some very cute handmade gifts.

  31. I need the doll for my Great Granddaughters, well I need all.

  32. I love to sew gifts for my grand children, they appreciate everything!

  33. I don’t have a good answer to this question. I just make things for people. If I know how to make something that someone can use, I make it. I love to make more things for my to grown sons and my boyfriend, but it’s not easy making things for men. I have done it a few times successfully a few times, but it’s hard.

  34. I love sewing gifts for my Gbabies the best!

  35. I mostly make handmade gifts for my children.

  36. I make something homemade for all of the women in my family each year. It’s fun and they all look forward to it!

  37. Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  38. I forgot to answer your question! I most love sewing for my family and grandkids are the best!!

  39. I’m making presents for my three kids and about 12 neighborhood babies born in the last year. I’m stash busting!

  40. What a fantastic idea! Love it

  41. Love sewing for my kids! Thanks for the giveaway!

  42. I enjoy making things for my family and friends.

  43. My friends. Myself too!

  44. I love sewing for my kids and friends !

  45. Sewing for friends and family

  46. I like making gifts for my family.

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