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Hi!  I am Virginia Lindsay, creator of Gingercake Patterns and the blog Gingercake.  I started sewing again (like many of you!) when my kids were new and I was spending more time at home while they were napping and playing.   I loved all the bright and beautiful fabrics available and I became addicted to searching for new projects all the time!


I eventually found myself with many ideas of my own and I loved the process of taking that idea and turning it into a perfected pattern.  I wanted to create items that were useful and thoughtful for our busy lives.  Since most of us already have an almost full schedule, a day spent sewing is such a treat and I wanted to create a line of patterns would be special for the sewer and the person she is sewing for.


I sew with a 20 year old machine my mom gave me when I was 15.  On a whim, I told my mom that I wanted to sew my own clothes and she and I went to the fabric store and bought this old White.  It wasn’t top of the line and it wasn’t the cheapest either.  Although the clothes sewing didn’t work out and the machine was left unused for about 15 years, it turns out to be one of the best gifts ever given to me since she had it waiting for me when I was ready to begin again!


I usually buy my fabric online since I live in a fairly rural area and I have no local quilt shop to visit.  Some of my favorite online shops are are sewlovefabrics.etsy.comquilthome.comhawthorne threadssouthern fabrics, Llama Fabrics and fabric.com.  I usually get my basics at JoAnns (with a coupon of course!).


My DSLR camera is an old cannon rebel that keeps on trucking!  I almost always take my photos with a 50mm lens.  I use photoshop elements to make my graphics and enhance my photos – or sometimes I just use iphoto!  Lately, I have been using Canva to help with my graphics.  My favorite software to write patterns is Pages- the presentation software from Apple.
My favorite feedback from people who bought a Gingercake pattern is not only “we use this all the time!” but also, “I had so much fun making this!” We all know that we can buy something cute at the big box store, but creating a handmade gift is not only about who is getting the gift but about how much you enjoyed your time spent sewing.
2015 was a very big year for me!  I released 2 sewing books that (in my humble opinion) are pretty darn great 🙂
The first is Sewing to Sell– all about starting your own sewing business.  The second is called Pretty Birds which includes 18 bird projects made from fabric scraps.
11060_FrontCover_FullSizePretty Birds Title Page
Thanks so much for looking at my website.  This is where I show off my favorite creations and share the process of creating.  Your feedback and comments are always welcome and appreciated.  Come back and visit soon!



  1. Hi
    Love your blog. I was trying to access the tutorial for the newborn gown and it I can find the instructions. Just shows the pic. Is this still available? I love them.


  2. i love the totorial for the everyday napkins. is there a prinable version?would make it easier to follow directions. love this website. Thanks, Barbara

  3. I saw a t-shirt dress, made with layers of different shirts sewn to make a dress that I cannot find again….can you direst me???
    Love your wonderful things!

    • Hi Karen! I just spent 15 minutes trying to find it myself with no luck! haha. I don’t have it pinned and I can’t remember how long ago I made it. GRR. But, I simply used a tee shirt from navy and cut about 3 inches below the arms. Then I sewed a 5″ tube from another tee onto the cut edge. I left the raw edges on the RIGHT side of the dress for more texture. Then I added a fun printed tee to the base to make it a dress. I used the hem from that last tee as the hem of the dress. I loved that outfit! She wore it so many times 🙂 I hope that helps.

  4. I just read the “10 Big Picture Habits” and they really hit home. Thank you for printing them. I will sign up for your blog so I won’t miss any future inspiration.

  5. I bought your Getaway Duffle pattern about a year ago .. never had the fortitude to try it however am cutting it out now .. I read all the comments on your blog, what people suggested and then your newer post .. I love the bag, the shape is awesome .. I have a friend who is moving back home with her rescue bulldog and I’m making a bag for his stuff from fabric with rescue words on it … hope it turns out as awesome as yours …

    • That sounds great Toby! What a nice reason to finally make the bag. I would love to see a photo! Enjoy your sewing time

  6. Hi,

    I puchased your sewing to sell book abd simply love it. However, I had a question about the d ring installation on the slouchy bag. Is there a trick to it so the fabric does not come frayed and stick out of the openings where the d ring is inserted?

  7. Hi!! I love your work, my english is not so good but I try to learn watching your videos and your tutorials.
    I want to sew to sell too!! thank you so much!

  8. Hi! am looking for your folksy bunny pattern — how may I get a copy of the pattern?


  9. Please include me on email’s

  10. Excellent post. I appreciate this site. Stick with it!This is one of the most informative information I’ve read. It really helps a lot. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I like to make goodies for my grands, like ear bud cases and project zip bags, plus table top and wall quilts for family.

  12. Cannot find pattern piece c from getaway duffle bag-
    I have emailed you as well –
    Or can you tell me the size of the pattern piece for adults and children -?
    Thanks- as I was planning to make a bag –

  13. Question re the Slouch Bag in the Sewing to Sell book: The top ends of the bag are twice the width of the handle. Are they supposed to be gathered onto the D-ring, or is this an error? Thank you! I enjoy the book.

  14. I LOVE the Lulu Llama pattern! I was surprised to find it in my local Joann store. Will more of your patterns be made into simplicity patterns?

    • HI Emily! I do work with Simplicity and hope to publish more patterns with them in the future. So far, they have a couple lunch bags, the art caddy, the lulu llama, and the sleep over tote.

  15. Hi I just downloaded train case pattern. Can I use oilcloth? If so do I need interfacing? I appreciate your help in this matter.
    Thank you Denise

  16. Hi Virginia just bought your book pretty birds thinking to enlarge patterns on my photocopier. I cannot fine the C number on the patterns to enlarge them. Where is it please? Clare

  17. Hi Virginia,

    I recently became interested in sewing again now that my children are toddlers, and I found your “Sew to Sell” book at the library (I’ll be purchasing a copy to keep!). I’m interested in participating in the many school and church holiday bazaars in my area. You have so many wonderful tips and ideas for making beautiful things. I’m currently making a tablet sleeve to give as a Christmas gift. Thank you so very much for sharing your talent and knowledge!

  18. where can I find your books to purchase?

  19. Today I ordered the summer 2018 Crayon Art Folio kit. I just downloaded the pattern and am confused. I thought I would get the full pattern for the Crayon Art Folio — full measurements for both sized? I went back and forth on weather I should just get the pattern and now I am not sure I made the correct decision.

    • hi Dody. I will email you and we will work it out

  20. i would love to sell your patterns at my quilt shop and crafting shop! My phone number is (865)882-5588.

  21. I love the fabric you used for your quick and easy 1/2 yard tote. It was a rich blue with dark blue outlined houses. You said you thought it was by Blend Fabrics. I have searched their site and Facebook but could not find it. Would you happen to remember where you purchased it.? I

    • I purchased it through Hawthorne Fabrics. I don’t see it over there anymore! These fabrics come into print and then once they are sold out, you can no longer find them. I have been disappointed by this before too! Sorry Linda

  22. Hi I would just like to know can I make and sell your projects or are they only for personnel use.



  23. Hi Virginia
    I want to thank you for your 9 minute cloth napkin tutorial. I learned how to miter corners and made myself 6 lovely napkins for the dinner table. Thanks for sharing! Jane of Durham

  24. Hi Virginia I have your sewing to selling book I love it it’s good I actually just had a couple of questions about the Poshmark it looks like it’s mostly all fashion other than your necklaces have you had any luck selling anything else that you’ve made on their website

    • hi Candy!
      I have only sold clothes so far. No necklaces yet! There is a lot of sharing and relisting involved. I need to spend sometime working on it. I think it will work but it requires some more effort!

  25. Hi there from England. I am just reading the instructions for the binder/book cover pattern that I recently ordered. It is a great idea, but I am a little confused!

    You give instructions for determining the amount of fabric to use: along these lines:
    Add 1.5” to the height and 1.5” to the width and this provides the correct measurements for the main piece ( the body of the cover).

    If the open binder measures 11.5” X 20.5” The figures to use down are 13” X 23”. Did you mean 22″ – or did you mean to say add 2.5″ to the width? I’d really appreciate it if you could clarify this for me.

  26. Virginia,
    I’ve been sewing your patterns for some years now and must tell you that no matter how I make an elephant they are always appreciated! I just wish I was better at sewing up the butt……and I like the way your button eyes indent the face somewhat. How in the heck do you accomplish that little feat? An extra long needle that goes in the eye on one side and through the elephant into the other eye?
    I thank you for your cute designs. I can certainly sew but could never design.
    Bless you for sharing.

    • HI randi! Yes, I pull the thread through to the other eye. I use an average sized needle. I double up my thread too. I have to poke around a little to make it through to the button on the other side but it works pretty easily!

  27. Hi there! Love the newest book! Making the dolly with style and wondering about the step that says sew hair to front and back head piece. Only one hair pattern is included. And instruction is to only cut one. Can you please clarify? Thank you!

    • hi Brenda! I am sending you an email about this. thanks!


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