I have been working on these forever!  Not that they are a lot of work, but I love them so much that I bring them out at night and embroider faces, or decide that I have to make another one out of more thrifted fabric that I have found.   They are so fun to make and my kids love them too~ they have a cute shape, little winter outfits, and since I weighted the bottom, they stand up no matter how you set them (or throw them with some reprimands by their mother) down.  The inspiration to make them came from this girl I found at a rummage sale 2 summers ago.  That's how long these have been in my head!

  I have made a group of carolers.  Usually I just do 2 or 3 of something before I move on to a new project, but you have to make a whole group of carolers, right?  I have like 4 more that don't have finished faces yet.  Travis thinks I may be going a little crazy for the carolers and some of these may have to be gifted to make room for other Christmas decorations.

 Won't they be cute on the mantel when all my Christmas decorations are out?  The cool thing about these is that they look great and are SO EASY!  Also, they are made from repurposed materials so we got that going for us too.  Here is the tutorial~

Download Caroler

I am going to be selling kits of the materials to make these in my ETSY shop. I have lots of extra since i bought yards of that nice red tweedy wool when I found it.  Hopefully I'll list those in the shop tomorrow.  In the shop now!  Leave a comment here telling me about any personal Christmas caroling experience you may have had (or lack there of and just say hi!) and I will choose a random commenter to send a Caroler kit for free!   It will include all the materials to make your own.  I'll choose the winner on Thursday, December 2nd.

The give away is closed and lovely commenter Sharon from TN won.  BUT, please still tell me about your caroling!  I am having lots of fun hearing about you!  

If you make one of these, please feel free to post a picture in my gingercake tutorials flickr group

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