Kathreen from Whip Up asked me to do a guest blog post for her this coming month.  I am so flattered!  My project is supposed to be sent to her on Monday.  Here is a sneak peek!  

IMG_7761 IMG_7766

We have had so much snow and ice this winter here in Western PA that the kids and I have been baking more since we can't really go anywhere and you can only play in the snow for so long before you start going crazy!  The baking has been a challenge with all the fighting and complaining but it is getting better now that I have set up some ground rules~

1. We take turns putting the stuff in the bowl and Mommy randomly chooses who starts.

2.  No complaining about your turn!  

3.  No fighting about who gets to crack the egg if it's not your turn.

4.  Only 2 spoonfuls of cookie dough each after we are done mixing and before we start spooning onto the cookie sheet.

4.  We must all wear cute aprons while we bake.

The kids have fun aprons that have been given to them, but I was wearing a vintage one that was making me feel pretty frumpy.  I LOVE my vintage aprons but with my 3 baby tummy, I needed something with some more structure.   This apron has a  wide band around the tummy that has interfacing and makes me feel all 50s cute even when I have worn my Pajama bottoms all day AGAIN!

To make this apron, you use your own measurements to make it fit you just right.  I am going to have it done on Monday the 7th and sent off to Kathreen.  I don't know when she will choose to post it this month though, so if you want me to send YOU the PDF tutorial when I am done, I will!  Leave a comment and make sure to include your email in the HIDDEN area when you fill out the comment form.

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