Hi all.  I have been spending my time sewing away to get ready for these shows I am doing in Novemeber.  This means I am not doing too many new things to share with you here on the blog.  I don't like just showing pictures of things of that you have already seen!  BORING.  But I do have something new that I spent a couple days trying to figure out and that turned out to be really cute.

Zippered pouches made from the Katie Bird Pattern.  This was a suggestion made to me by a person I met at the handmade arcade last spring.  I loved the idea and have been waiting for the right moment to make some.  They are so cute.  THEY WERE A HUGE PAIN TO MAKE.  I don't know if I am missing something basic or what but the lightbulb that usually goes off in my head and translates a project into easy instructions simply did not work this time.  

My seam ripper worked really hard for me the last few days.  Thank you seam ripper!  Why would this project be a pain in the neck?  For some reason, it was hard to keep the shape of the bird looking good while still putting in a zipper and a liner.  

I may come back to this project over the winter and see if I can make it simpler!  It should be simple, right?  I did love the way I made the wing this time around.  People asked for the big Katie Birds at my last show so I made a couple and did the wing the same way as I did the pouches.  These big ones are so fast and easy!

Here is a picture of Katie Birds being love birds.  AWWWW.  cuteness.

And again from a different funky angle.

The wing is cool, huh?   Of course the cute AnnKelle and Joel Dewberry fabric always help too!  

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