My oldest daughter has basketball early on saturday mornings and I used this time alone with Anne (it is hard to separate those 2) to make some valentines that I saw on Pinterest.  For awhile the kids were into building card houses and that gave us a stack of mixed up playing cards with out anyof them being complete sets.  I read that the founder of pinterest hopes that it using his site will help people to spend more time doing and less time on the internet.  I am trying to harness that hope and do some projects since i spend A LOT of time on pinterest lately!

Anne cut the red pipe cleaners in half.  I cut out the hearts.  Anne drew faces on the hearts.  I punched the holes in the cards.  Anne poked the pipe cleaners throught the holes.  I put the glue on the cards.  Anne put the hearts on the glue.  I put the glue on the eye spots.  Anne glued the googly eyes.  We chit chatted the whole time and it was really fun.

The project recommends small googly eyes but we used big ones.  They make them even cuter!

Is it just me or do these make you feel happy too?  Anne wants them to be holding lollipops so I will have to get those before her party on friday.  Not sure why schools don't do these parties on the actual holiday but that is a whole other discussion!

I am thinking googly eyes make EVERYTHING awesome.


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