More googly!


These were so fun.  I just used white cardstock cut into quarters and the monsters are made from paintchips.  Whenever I go to Lowes or the hardware store with the kids, i let them pick out some paint chips- they think it is awesome to gather the colors and we use them for kid stuff more and more now that we have a collection growing.

I took a piece of paper and folded it in quarters and Cal drew his monster shapes in those sections.  I cut out the shapes on paint chips from the hardware store.  He showed me where he wanted the eye to go and we glued it on together.  We used this idea for inspiration.  

He worked really hard on those monster shapes.  I think that tongue was working as hard as his fingers!

The arms are red pipe cleaners cut in half, threaded through the back and then we put craft beads on the ends.  Cal loves the arms and likes to make them puch each other.  He is so excited to share these with his preschool class and hasn't even asked to add candy!  Which is totally fine with me since I am starting to feel like it is just too much.  But I think we all know you can never have too much googly eye, right????!

Happy V day friends!

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