Drapey Knit Cardigan

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hi again!!  How exciting that I am posting twice in 2 days!  I am getting bigger in the belly and I have been needing some clothes.  I can't believe I am only half way through this pregancy so I am resisting buying a bunch of ill fitting summer maternity clothes.  I saw this tutorial and thought it might be a great piece that I can wear now AND when I am no longer PG.

It's a nice tutorial.  This knit is extra drapey and I did a lot of ironing to get my seams together nicely but I was able to make it in one afternoon and I'm sure I'll be wearing it a bunch since it is so versatile.  BTW, I converted these jeans to maternity myself by cutting off the waist and adding really wide elastic.  I also did those knee patches which was questionable style judgement but I still think are pretty cute!

There is the belly!  It was a happy surprise that the stripes on the fabric made a nice design when tied this way.  The sleeves could be better but I love how soft and flowy the whole piece is.

Wow!  More belly. Sheesh- you don't really realize how pregnant you look until you see these kind of pictures of yourself.  

The fabric was from Joanns- back in the red tag section and was 50% off which came to about $5 a yard.  I used 2 yards.  I used my serger for all my seams but you could easily use a ball point needle on your regular machine.  Some spray starch would have been helpful to get the fabric to lay flat while sewing my seams but I keep forgeting to pick some up at the store!

Thank you to Jamie from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom for the inspiration.  I'm sure I'll be using this summer cardigan a bunch!  If you have a good (and easy!) tutorial for some maternity clothes, I would love to hear about it!  I have some more of this type knit in solids that I need to use up this summer!


  1. Looking great G!!

  2. I love your cardigan, Virginia! I don’t envy you going through summer pregnant, but part of me does miss having a bump like yours! Have you seen these patterns for maternity clothing? http://megannielsen.com/collections/sewing-patterns

  3. Your cardigan is adorable! I love the fabric choice and it looks so cute with the belt over your belly! I didn’t even realize you were pr

  4. Cute cardigan. I tried this maxi skirt tutorial and am in love. It is more comfortable than my pjs and without question, more stylish. I am thinking about trying to make a knee length one too.

  5. Your cardigan is adorable. And you look wonderful in it, except your beautiful face is missing in all the pics!

  6. YOu look awesome!!! Love the cardigan (and the jeans)!!!

  7. Congratulations! Very cute cardigan!

  8. Congratulations – how exciting!! I had not idea you were adding to your beautiful family – I bet your children are so excited. Love the cardigan – such pretty colors.

  9. You look absolutely beautiful and those hearts on your jeans were the first thing that caught my eye. They’re adorable!

  10. looks gorgeous on you.

  11. You look lovely! I’m so happy for you and your family. . . another little one!

  12. Your cardigan is lovely!!

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