While I am sewing up items for a show I often wonder why I am making the effort.  Creating patterns is much more my thing buisness wise and sewing for fun is more my thing creative wise.  But doing a show once or maybe twice a year does improve your sewing skills and sometimes opens doors to new ideas and opportunities.

My wonderful friend Amy Frank and I did this show together.  It was in Eaglesmere PA which is a historical resort town in Eastern Pennsylvania.  It sits on a lovely lake and the visitors all seem to love the old timey vacation feel.  Amy provided the tent and together we had a wonderful time talking away (without children!) about family, friends, business & lots of sewing!

My half had the usual suspects of crayon holders, owls, lunch boxes, birds, elephants, etc.

Amy used to make handbags and do lots of shows.  She has taken a few years off (FOUR KIDS!) and now is making her way back to sewing.  I love her work and especially her charming and meaningful Shema cuffs.

She gave me a "JOY" cuff which I am wearing everyday.  The idea is to stay present to your beliefs and priorities by wearing them on your wrist.  Very cool.

She also made bags which open up to words and quotes.  I got a bag that says "Let your Light Shine" and "Hello Beautiful" on the inside.  So fun!

Wouldn't you like to have a throw pillow on your couch with a Ghandi saying on it??   Amy's work makes me want to add a bit more depth to my sewing and creating.  I have to figure out to use this inspiration in my own way that works for my style!

I have learned that my ability to put together one of these shows is now much more refined.  I know how much to make (for the most part!) and I am prepared with my display and pricing.  There was no real last minute stress except the weather which turned out fine.  A show every once in awhile is a great way to connect with real people looking at your sewn items- it's great to see their reactions and hear their comments.  

Now I am looking forward to spending these last 2 weeks with the kids before school starts!  I am hoping to sew with Elsie and garden with Anne.  And vice versa!  I am sure we will be heading down to the creek and over to the pool too.  This summer has gone by so fast!  What else are you trying to squeeze into summer time?   I know for lots of you school has already begun-  Are you relieved or sad to see them go back?  I always feel a bit of both but I want to try and enjoy this little time left of sleeping in and lack of planning as much as possible before we are back to the school day grind!

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