My boy is five today.  He loves the Pittsburgh Pirates and this has turned into a lot of pretend pirate play.  He makes sure that I know that his pirates are the NICE kind.  His first present this morning was a pirate costume from my mom.  Very cute and nice quality!

Pirate cal at breakfast
He had preschool this morning and I sent in this snack idea.  The kids loved it and the teachers were happy it was semi healthy!  Thank you Pinterest!

His big gift from Travis and me was this Playmobil Pirate Ship.  It is totally awesome- although a bit of a bear to assemble.  Playmobil always comes together nicely but there is usually a point where I feel overwhelmed and have to work through feeling annoyed- especially when your birthday boy is looking over your shoulder the whole time with cute commentary.

Cal with pirate ship

Happy Birthday to my sweet boy who I am often accused of showing preference and extra affection.  This accusation usually comes from my husband as he witnesses the excess of luvin.  I would never say he is my favorite but a mother feels a lot of special love for her only boy- especially a boy this sweet and funny.  

The sisters are about to come home from school and tonight we are having his favorite dinner of pancakes, bacon & cantalope.  Finally grandparents are coming over for pirate decorated chocolate cake (bought from the store!) and ice cream.

I think I am done with elaborate birthday celebrations.  They do not make me happy and I can tell the kids sense my dread of birthday party preperations and it diminishes their fun.  Do you love the big party prep?  Or feel guilty if you don't do it?  The girls are more into having friends over and a theme, etc.  than Cal so we will see if I give into pressure when their birthdays come around in a few months!

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