Over the weekend I sewed a couple things for the baby.  She is so cute right now and it's fun to pick out fabrics for her.  I like sweet but fun fabrics on babies and this ann kelle print is perfect!

Gingercake Mushrrom pants

I followed Made by Rae's baby pants but added a panel to the bottom for some extra space.  I also shortened them for a shorts/ bloomers look.  I made a bunch of these pants before the baby was born.  They look so tiny now!  

Looking up in mushroom pants

I added a 7" piece of 1/4" elastic to the hemmed pant openings and stretched it to make a simple ruching. They turned out really cute!  More baby clothes cutenss later in the week…

Gingercake's mushrrom baby pants
Fabric: Ann Kelle Woodland Pals Bermuda

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