I made a cute new duffle bag for Anne out of my red scraps.  I have been interested in a camera experiment for awhile and I finally decided to try it out.  Here is the question: Can my iphone really take a photo of my sewn item that is as good as my DSLR camera?  I used the best light possible-on my front porch with indirect bright light.  I photographed on different days since the push for me to finally do this was that my battery died in my big camera.  SO… this is not really a perfect comparison but pretty good!

4S iphone version…

Gingercake Red Patchwork Duffle Side

For both photos, I edited them in Photo Shop Elements.  I brightened the levels and shadows and did automatic sharpening.

Cannon Rebel DSLR with a 50mm lens…

50mm Red Duffle
Yes, the DSLR photo looks better but the iphone version is pretty good.  Good enough to get plenty of attention on facebook and instagram!  Here is the question- Do you need an expensive DSLR camera to successfully photograph your sewn creations?  What do you think?  I am thinking, for someone just beginning a handmade sewing business, you can get by with an iphone for awhile if you set up your photos with good lighting!

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