Mind Your Manners Napkins

Posted by on October 21, 2013 in printable, sewing, tutorial | 7 comments


We just got back from my husband's 20th highschool reunion in Bryn Athyn PA.  What a beautiful fall weekend!  We stayed with an old friend and I decided (the night before!) to make her a big set of napkins.  She has a house full of boys and I knew she would get a kick out of some mind your manners napkins!


I used my 9 minute napkin tutorial and then used this printing method to print out the manners.  I had a great time thinking of all the phrases I use at my dinner table.  Can you think of any others?  I wanted to use a font that looked like mom handwriting too.  When I showed them to my kids, they looked at them so seriously and I had to tell them it was just for fun!  Then they got the joke and laughed as we read through them.  


I made 12 napkins for my friend so that she could have a good variety.  I saved the phrases into a PDF document so you can feel free to do a similar project!

Download Good Manners Napkins Phrases

I would suggest backing the phrases fabric with a lightweight fusible interfacing before sewing them onto your napkins since it made the job easier.  

Now I want to make another set for my own dinner table!


  1. I love these! Clever woman…

  2. Brilliant idea and superbly executed!

  3. Every family needs these. Good job and a welcomed gift!

  4. very cute!!!

  5. So clever and cute! Wonderful gift idea!

  6. Super-cute!

    I made similar napkins from your tutorial a few months back and put different conversation starters on each one (“This weekend I think we should…”, “The best thing that happened today was…”, etc). My kids really like those too. Thanks for another cool idea!

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